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Google Glass to Control your Garage Door?

It appears as if advances in technology will continue to push the way our overhead garage door functions. Liftmaster has recently introduced the MyQ products that allow users to control their garage door opener from their smartphone. With MyQ, users can check whether their Liftmaster operator is open or closed or open it remotely.
Now Google has applied for another patent for it’s much talked about Google Glass. Engadget has uncovered the most recent patent application that could possibly be used to control your garage door operator.

The headwear will apparently using visual identification, RFID, infra-red, Bluetooth and even QR codes as methods for recognizing controllable devices. Once your well-designed head-mounted display picks up a target, it would then pull down information related to the object, including a control interface. These “superimposed controls” would then hover over the real-life objects (which would need to be WiFi-connected or otherwise), with garage doors and refrigerators both referenced as possibilities (we’ve added sketches for both of these after the break).

Mat Smith | Google applies for another Glass patent, thinks about controlling your garage door and fridge
Patent applications are vague, so we can only speculate on how this technology may be used in the future. Will you be able to pull into your driveway, look at your door while wearing your Google Glasses and then be able to use voice commands to open your Google Glass equipped garage door operator? It’s unknown at this time. However, it is apparent that technology will continue to change the way we interact with our surroundings, possibly including our garage doors.

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    What an interesting piece of technology! It really seems like Google Glass will be the wave of the future. It'll be interesting to see what other implications Glass will have, and it's definitely interesting that it could be used to control garage doors!